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”Shalmala” was established in 2006 at Bengaluru (Karnataka, India) to get engaged in performing various types of homas and poojas, Also we provide astrology services. We acknowledge the needs of you and your loved ones to submit to the devout religious beliefs that bring not just peace of mind and body but also prosperity and luck into your household. The Hindu dharma outlines norms and ritualistic worships of various Gods and Goddesses that requires a whole lot of effort on the part of the observer. We value you most to make the ceremony sacred, faultless and strive to form that happen for you. We understand the emotional quotient attached to what we aim to supply and contentment of our customer is undoubtedly our priority.

This online start-up idea was in our mind for couple of years and we decided to get into the ground to provide best and divine experience to the people. Even though we are doing this pooja services for almost 20 years this online is quite new to us and we are very eager to provide the servies and spread the divine blessings and happiness.

Note: Priest of all languages available

Our Expertise

We perform all Hindu religious poojas, homas, yagnas, Japas with scholars from various matt’s. Punctuality and ownership guaranteed. Professional ethics & support.

Our Goal

Guide the people for the correct pooja / parihara dosha / astrology guidance and helping them to get relieved from all the obstacles also to get divine blessings of God for the well being of one-self and their family.